Welcome to the official webpage of Kotokami®LLC, a company engaged in the food, crafts and media industries.

Kotokami® is an anagram for “Tokki” (토끼), Korean for Rabbit, and “Mao” (猫), Chinese for Cat. It is a reference to the nicknames of the company’s founders Grace (the rabbit) and James (the cat). Kotokami® can further be extrapolated to “Koyangi-Tokki-Kami” (고양이-토끼-神), symbolizing a blessing from cats and rabbits.

We invite you to visit our food and craft blog holdings, Everybunny Eats and Everybunny Crafts

For media inquiries, recipe development and testing, menu development, facilitating classes, or information about our services or anything else, please contact us.

Kotokami LLC
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